2013 Gawad CES

The Career Executive Service Board (CESB) announces the 2013 Gawad Career Executive Service (CES) Presidential Award that recognizes members in the CES for exemplary performance and significant contributions in the areas of innovation, information, and communication technology, social services, administrative reforms, and public policy.

The Search aims to inspire members of the CES to live up to the ideals of the organization as well as recognize exceptional accomplishments to encourage consistent performance and to promote excellence among members of the CES community.

Gawad CES is open to all CES Officers and Third Level Eligibles who are presidential appointees and are appointed to CES positions.The Gawad CES winner will receive a plaque with the Presidential Seal and Php100,000 cash reward.

For more information, please visit www.cesboard.gov.ph. Interested parties may also call the CESB at telephone number (02) 951-4981 locals 110, 111, or 126 or e-mail gawad_ces@yahoo.com or gawadces@cesboard.gov.ph.

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