2011 Presidential Lingkod Bayan:Solid Waste Management Office, CGO San Carlos

(Team Members: Loreto C. Sanchez, Charity C. Acabal, Arthur A. Batomalaque, Emmanuel C. Blanco, Michelle M. Dumdum, Analou F. Gomo, Marietta F. Lomocso)

With the effects of climate change being felt even before it has fully enveloped the world, more and more groups are getting involved in environmental causes. The San Carlos City Solid Waste Management Team is one of them.

The team is mainly responsible for implementing an ecologically-balanced and sustainable Solid Waste Management Program in the city. The program effectively addressed problems on dumping sites and landfills, garbage collection and disposal.

The team put into action four objectives: the establishment of the San Carlos City Eco-Center, the implementation of the Systematic Collection System, the rehabilitation and closure of the Villarante Dumpsite and the institutionalization of a monitoring program for all projects. As a result, the city now has an environmentally-sound waste processing and disposal, efficient collection route and schedule and better landfills which promoted river protection. As a result, proper monitoring of waste stream may now be done, and the persistence of scavenging among the poor is prevented.

As the team continues to educate the city on environmentalism, the awards given to them serve as inspiration for other cities in the country to adopt a strong solid waste.

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