CSC to offer Braille-based civil service exams

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has partnered with Resources for the Blind, Inc. (RBI) for the conduct of career service examinations (CSE) to visually impaired people.
In simple rites held October 24 at the CSC central office in Quezon City, the Commission signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with RBI to secure the latter’s technical cooperation in translating the CSE to Braille, and in setting up computers that can interface with computer-literate visually impaired examinees.
In the said agreement, RBI shall also assess the readiness of visually impaired examination applicants to take either the computer-based or the Braille-based mode.
The signatories to the MOA are CSC Chair Francisco T. Duque III and RBI Executive Director Randy Weisser.
“The CSC has never exempted persons with disabilities (PWDs), including the visually impaired, from taking the examination and from entering government service. In fact, we want to make it easier for them so that more PWDs would consider public service as a career,” said Duque.
At present, the CSE is administered to visually impaired individuals guided by two examiners per examinee. The first examiner reads the test item to the examinee, who listens and dictates his/her answer. The second examiner shades the corresponding answer choice in the answer sheet.
The CSC said that while this has helped visually impaired examinees in the previous years, there is a need to improve the process to avoid cheating and make it less cumbersome.
The Braille-based and computer-based test for visually impaired individuals is expected to become available within six (6) months from the signing of the MOA.
According to 2005 data from the National Council for Disability Affairs, there are 2,373 PWDs employed in government.
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