Data encoder eligibility not same as Subprof eligibility – CSC

Data Encoder eligibility can only be used for appointment to specific information technology (IT) positions in government and is neither equivalent nor comparable to Career Service Sub-professional eligibility.

So clarified the Civil Service Commission (CSC), stressing that the Data Encoder eligibility cannot be used for permanent appointment to government positions requiring the Career Service Sub-professional eligibility.

The Data Encoder eligibility is granted to qualified individuals under the Skills Certificate Equivalency Program of the CSC and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

Under the said program, the TESDA skills certificate shall be the basis for the grant of civil service eligibility by the CSC to qualify an appointee for permanent or promotional appointment to positions for which the test is given and to functionally-related positions.

IT positions

The CSC said that based on its Memorandum Circular No. 6, s. 2010, the Data Encoder eligibility is appropriate only for the following IT positions in government: Computer Operator; Computer Operator I to IV; Data Encoder; Data Encoder I to IV; Senior Data Encoder; Data Encoder-Controller; Data Controller/Encoder; Senior Data Encoder-Controller; Supervising Data Encoder-Controller; Data Controller; Data Controller I to IV; Supervising Data Controller; Senior Computer Operator; Senior Computer Operator I to III; Data Entry Machine Operator I to IV; Accounting Machine Operator I to III; and Auxiliary Machine Operator I to IV.

The CSC explained further that the Data Encoder eligibility cannot be used for any position other than those provided in the said MC 6, even if such position performs IT-related work or functions.

To illustrate, a data encoder eligible cannot use the Data Encoder eligibility for permanent appointment to a Clerk position, even if he/she does IT-related functions, because Clerk positions are not listed under MC 6. The eligibility requirement for Clerk positions is Career Service Sub-professional or a comparable first level eligibility.

Conversely, the Career Service Sub-professional eligibility, which results from passing the corresponding Career Service examination, can be used for appointment to first level positions, including IT positions, not covered by the Bar, Board and special laws. For instance, the Sub-professional eligibility shall be appropriate for both Clerk positions and Computer Operator positions, but the Data Encoder eligibility shall be appropriate only for Computer Operator positions.

The CSC also said that it has stopped granting the Data Encoder eligibility since the start of the year. However, current holders of Data Encoder eligibility can continue to use it to apply for and be appointed to any of the specified IT positions, provided, they also meet the education, experience and training requirements of the position.

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