CSCRO6 accepts applications for Penology Officer Exam

The Civil Service Commission Regional Office No. 6 is now accepting applications for the Penology Officer Examination set on March 20, 2011 in Iloilo City.


The said examination is open to all qualified applicants who are incumbent personnel of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology and other jail/correctional facilities (Provincial Jails), who have not yet acquired any Second Level Eligibility (e.g. Career Service Professional Eligibility, 2nd level Police Officer Eligibility, Penology Officer Eligibility, RA 1080, etc.); and private individuals with no 2nd level eligibility.


Applicants should be able to meet the following admission requirements:


a.) Must be Filipino citizen;

b.) Mentally and physically fit;

c.) Must be of good moral character;

d.) Must not have been convicted by final judgment of an offense or crime involving

moral turpitude, or of disgraceful or immoral conduct, dishonesty, examination

irregularity, drunkenness or addiction to drugs, and

e.) Must not have been dishonorably discharged from military service or dismissed for

cause from any civilian positions in the government.


Applicants with pending administrative and/or criminal case may take the examination and will be conferred the eligibility if they successfully pass the same. If they are found guilty of grave offenses, their eligibility shall be forfeited based on the penalties stated in the decision and pursuant to Sec. 58 (a) of the Uniform Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service and CSC Res. No. 010659, dated March 22, 2001.


Private individuals should meet the following requirements in addition to the admission requirements mentioned earlier: (a.) Must have completed a Bachelor’s degree; (b.) Must not have been granted any 2nd level Civil Service Eligibility or its equivalent; (c.) Must not be not less than 21 or more than 30 years of age; and (d.) Must be at least 5’2” in height for females and 5’4” for males; provided that a waiver for height requirement shall be automatically granted to applicants belonging to cultural communities.


The maximum age limit and minimum height requirements are waived for the incumbent personnel of the BJMP, Bureau of Corrections, and all provincial and sub-provincial jails which were placed under the supervision and control of the BJMP subject to submission of a Certification of Employment from the authorized agency official.


Application requirements are as follows:


1.) Properly accomplished application form (CS Form No. 100-F, Revised 2011)

2.) Examination fee of Php700.00

3.) Four identical passport size (1.5” x 2”) ID pictures with white background and

hand-held nametag (surname, first name, and middle initial) taken within three

months before the date of filing of application. Scanned, photocopied, or computer-

enhanced photos will not be accepted. Applicants should not wear eye glasses or any

accessory that may cover their facial features.


4.) Two valid IDs such as Driver’s license, SSS ID, GSIS UMID Card, Office ID,

Postal ID or Valid Passport which contain the applicant’s picture, signature, date of

birth, and the signature of the authorized head of the issuing agency. Photocopy of

the IDs must be attached to the application form.

Qualified applicants may get their application forms at the CSCRO6 or CSC Field Offices. The said form can also be downloaded at


The eligibility resulting from the Penology Officer Examination shall be called Penology Officer Eligibility and considered appropriate to second level ranks in the jail management and penology, and functionally related services, except for ranks under the Philippine National Police.


Deadline for filing of applications is on February 28, 2011.


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