CSC eligibilities not for sale

Civil service eligibilities conferred by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) are not and have never been for sale.

This was stressed yesterday by CSC Chair Francisco T. Duque III in the wake of reports on the alleged “midnight Career Executive Service eligibility being issued for a fee by unscrupulous Civil Service Commission personnel who are very close to Career Service Board authorities”.

Chair Duque clarified that this could not be possible since it is the Career Executive Service Board, not the CSC, which conducts the four-stage screening process for career executive service officer (CESO) eligibility.

The CSC Chief also pointed out that what the Commission administers are the professional and subprofessional examinations, passers of which would qualify for appointment to first and second level posts in government offices.

“For the past decades, we have instituted stringent measures to protect the integrity of the CSC exams,” Chair Duque said. He warned the public though from transacting with individuals who claim to be CSC personnel and who say that they can guarantee a passing score in the exams in exchange for a fee. He said that hundreds of individuals have been dismissed from the service for possession of fake eligibilities.

Chair Duque also cited Republic Act No. 9416, signed into law in 2007, which declares as unlawful any form of cheating in the civil service exam, unauthorized use and possession of CSC examination-related materials and grants the Commission exclusive jurisdiction over the cases including those committed by private individuals. Government personnel who engage in these kinds of nefarious activities shall be dismissed from the service. If the offender is a private individual, he/she shall be perpetually barred from entering the government service and from taking any civil service exam.

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