CSC Chair: Respect rights of career civil servants

As government offices prepare for transition, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) advised all incoming elective and appointive officials to observe Civil Service laws, rules and regulations in their exercise of personnel actions.

In a memorandum circular issued by the Commission bureaucracy- wide, Chair Francisco T. Duque III urged incoming elective and appointive officials “to respect the constitutional right to security of tenure of career service officials and employees with valid appointments”. The 1987 Constitution grants security of tenure to state workers and provides that they cannot be removed from office or suspended without lawful cause.

Duque also emphasized that personnel actions such as promotion, demotion, reassignment, transfer, detail, secondment, job rotation, and designation are governed by Civil Service laws, rules and regulations, and these should be adhered to at all times.

“While incoming elective and appointive officials are given the free hand to reorganize their respective offices according to the best interest of the service, they should also abide by prevailing laws and policies to ensure that professionalism and meritocracy in the civil service is preserved and to avoid demoralization in the public sector workforce,” Duque said.

The CSC, as the central human resource institution of government, is mandated to promote a responsive, accessible, courteous, and effective civil service.


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