CSC confers Prof, Sub-Prof eligibilities on 5,612

The Civil Service Commission has conferred civil service eligibility to 5,612 individuals after passing the Career Service written examinations held on July 26, 2009. The figure represents 9.51% of the 58,985 total examinees for the Professional and Sub-professional levels. Lyssa N. Limbo from the Southern Tagalog region led the 4,357 new Professional eligibles with a rating of 89.27.On second spot is Julie Mar Dec C. Buenaventura from Central Luzon with an 89.24 rating. Czarina C. Besares, again from Southern Tagalog, came in third with a rating of 89.14.

Completing the Top 10 of the Professional level are: Done Martin L. Olid (NCR), 88.68; Kristel Cara May P. Corpuz (Ilocos), 88.66; Leandre R. Yeban (Western Visayas), 88.62; Jecka Mae R. De Castro (Southern Tagalog), 88.46; Allan Paul V. Torres (Central Luzon), 88.46; Zernan B. Diaz (NCR), 88.27; Kathleen G. Rogio (NCR), 88.27; Doreen Joy C. Obido (Northern Mindanao), 88.22; and Denmark M. Rillera (CAR), 88.15.

Topping the Sub-Professional level was Ivyryn Joy E. Arro from Davao with a rating of 92.09, followed by Ma. Angelica L. Lejarde from NCR with 91.76 rating. Eugenice Ivy Gwynn U. Bautista (Ilocos Region) ranked third with a rating of 91.46.

The CSC said regional profile indicate that most of the new Professional and Sub-professional eligibles, numbering 1,640, came from NCR. Other regions of the country where considerable number of the new eligibles came are Region IV (Southern Tagalog), 738 eligibles; Region III (Central Luzon), 509; Region VII (Central Visayas), 344; and Region VI (Western Visayas), 327. The CSC further said that the new eligibles are relatively young as majority of them, or a total of 3,943, are aged from 18-24 years.

As to employment, profile of the new eligibles disclosed that those from the private sector comprised 27.60% or 1,549 of the total number of eligibles; those from the government, who most likely are vying for permanent appointment or promotion, posted 16.73% or 939; and those who are self-employed accounted for 3.05% or 171. A much bigger chunk of the new eligibles, 2,844 individuals or more than half of the total, were unemployed.

According to the CSC, the new Sub-Professional eligibles are qualified to enter the first level of government service, while the Professional eligibles may join the first and second levels. The first level, the CSC said, includes clerical, trades, crafts, and custodial service positions that involve non-professional or sub-professional work requiring less than four years of college studies. On the other hand, the second level covers professional, technical and scientific positions up to Division Chief level that involve professional, technical or scientific work requiring at least four years of college studies.

The CSC clarified that having a Professional or a Sub-professional eligibility is just one of the requirements to be able to join the government. A civil service eligible, the CSC stressed, must also meet the education, experience and training requirements for permanent appointment in government.


Posted: October 23, 2009

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