Narrative Report of CSC Antique Field Office – February 2009

February 2 – 5 Attended Seminar-Workshop in Guadalupe, Cebu sponsored by the Local Government Academy entitled ” Comprehensive Unified Response to Eliminate Red Tape in the Government” along with the other Region VI CSC Field Directors and DILG Officers.
February 9 Gave CSC Updates during the Flag Ceremony at SIbalom and lectured on the SALN before municipal employees in the afternoon.
February 10 PES Orientation/Anti-Red Tape Highlights before LGU Belison heads of offices and employees. DILG Provincial Officer, Ms. CHay Maza joined the activity to briefly discuss Project CURE.
February 16 Regional Executive Forum at CSCRO6
February 17 CPO meeting with the unveiling of the CSC Citizen’s Charter before the discussion on CSC updates
February 20 Agency Scanning in LGU San Jose
February 23 Agency Scanning at the Provincial Government of Antique
February 24 Orientation on the ARTA, attended by the various heads of the departments of the Provincial Government of Antique. Ms. Chay Maza was given time to discuss Project CURE. The Governor and Vice-Governor were present and listened to the lecture but had to leave after the initial presentation due to pressing appointments.
February 25 – 27 The Capability Enhancement Seminar for Praise and Grievance Members at the Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Dalipe, San Jose.
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