TextCSC and CSCRO6 Hotline now open to the public

TextCSC and CSCRO6 Hotline now open to the public

The public can now send their queries, feedback, and complaints through text and phone as the Civil Service Commission Regional Office No. 6 opens (CSCRO6) its TextCSC and CSCRO6 hotline to the transacting public.

This is in line with the Commission’s campaign to curb red tape, graft and corrupt practices, and fixers in the government.

CSCRO6 clients can text their queries and feedback to TextCSC #09165412152 or call the CSCRO6 hotline number at 321-1253.

Aside from TextCSC and the CSCRO6 Hotline, the Regional Office also introduced its improved Public Assistance and Complaints desk (PACD) which is located near the entrance of the Office. The PACD is the Commission’s first line of contact with the citizenry where queries on civil service matters as well as reports/feedback on government services are entertained and acted upon.

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