Antique FO Narrative Report (January 2009)

January 5 Encoding of EPMS-OPES Reports at CSCRO6.
January 9 Orientation for the Accreditation of Patnongon. All department heads and PSB members attended as well as the local elective officials led by Mayor Henry Mondejar. Ms. Lucresia Garces also gave updates on leave laws since many raise questions on leave benefits.
January 13 1st CPO Meeting. Reportorial deadlines were emphasized. A tiny send-off was by the CPO members for Ms. Garces who was recalled in the Iloilo Field Office.
January 15 Agency scanning at LGU Sibalom. Results of findings were submitted to CSCRO6 on January 23. PSED was also furnished a copy of the report.
January 21 Another CPO meeting to discuss the extension of the EPMS-OPES installation with emphasis on the January 30 deadline for the identification of key/point persons and groups. Machine copies of the HRD calendar of seminars was also discussed and distributed.
January 29 Gave an Overview on the PMS-OPES which was attended by six (6) general managers and nine (9) designates of the Sibalom Water District.
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