Training Policies

The CSC Regional Office No. 6 adopts the following guidelines in the conduct of training programs for 2009:

Training Invitations/Confirmation of Attendance

  • Quarterly training invitations based on the annual training calendar shall be sent to government agencies region wide. Copies of quarterly training invitations shall also be available at all Civil Service Field Offices.
  • Prospective participants shall be selected and duly nominated by the agency head. Nominated participants shall confirm their attendance by submitting the confirmation slip to the Civil Service Commission Regional Office No. 6 or the Civil Service Field Office two weeks before the schedule of the training.
  • The CSCRO6 Human Resource Division (CSCRO6-HRD) shall notify nominated participants of their acceptance to the training.

Conduct of the Training

  • Participants shall pay the registration fee to CSC facilitators on the first day of training.
  • Complete attendance, observance of training rules, submission of outputs and active participation shall be required from the participants during the training.
  • Certificates of training and certificates of appearance shall be issued to participants who satisfactorily complied with the training requirements, including the payment of registration fees.
  • The required minimum number of participants for each training program is twenty five (25). No training program shall be conducted unless the required minimum number of participants is accepted by the CSCRO6-HRD.

Agency-Requested Training Programs:

  • Requests of agencies for conduct of training programs exclusively for their personnel may be granted by the CSCRO6 Regional Director or in his/her absence, the Assistant Regional Director, subject to availability of resource speakers and facilitators. A Memorandum of Agreement shall be forged between the CSC and the requesting agency detailing the responsibilities of each party in the conduct of the training.
  • Requesting agencies shall pay CSCRO6 a training fee to cover transportation expenses and per diems of facilitators and resource speakers, and administrative costs of P1, 000.00 per day of the training, for a maximum of 40 participants. An additional P20.00 per participant shall be charged for every participant in excess of 50.
  • CSCRO6 resource speakers are entitled to honoraria of not more than P500.00 per hour in accordance with CSC Resolution No. 040384 dated July 7, 2004. Requesting agencies shall pay the honoraria of resource speakers only to the CSCRO6.
  • Requesting agencies shall take charge of training supplies and materials, reproduction of handouts and catering services for the duration of the training.

Other services:

  • A customized training design may be prepared by the CSCRO6-HRD based on the needs of the requesting agency.
  • Technical assistance may also be extended to agencies in the preparation of their Citizens Charter, HRD plans and GAD plans.

For further inquiries, please call the Human Resource Division at telephone number (033) 3212668 or 3212669.

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